Automation shows up in "State" but I can't find any definition of it

I used to have an automation that I run before bed called automation.bed_automation. My automations are in a separate file, not the usual automations.yaml so cannot edit via the gui. I wanted to add something to that automation so I basically copied it into the gui and added what I wanted, with a view to seeing what yaml the gui produced, stupidly I used the same name… I now have the following situation:

automation.bed_automation no longer does anything but is still “there / somewhere”. It appears in the “States” tab in the developer area

automation.bed_automation_2 now appears to be my original, ie the one I want to use.

Any idea how I can get that bed_automation_2 to just be bed_automation? I’ve tried deleting all my automation configurations and reloading them but it doesn’t appear to do anything… Thanks