Automation to change a person's state

devise_tracker integration doesn’t work very well with my daughters’ phones: They often turn its plane mode on/off when they leave/enter the house and it seems it makes location update work badly.

Obviously it’s very difficult to make someone change his habits so I’ve resorted to updating their person 'state manually from the developer tools when I see an error in their person 'state.

Now, I would like to setup something more simple than using the developer tools (it’s a bit difficult to work with using my phone). So I’m trying to set up a helper and an automation to do that but I can’t figure out what action I shall set in my automation to do that.

Is it possible at all?

When whatever trigger you use as an indicator that the device tracker actually needs to be updated or you believe you '‘see’ the device tracker use the e device tracker.see service to bump the tracker and tell HA. Hey that’s home. And it will be marked as home for whatever the device tracker time out period is

Yes airplane mode kills all the radios so it also kills all tracking. They’re doing it on purpose. Btw.

thanks but I don’t think it replies to my question: is it possible to create an automation to change a person 'state?

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