Automation to control STICK-DE3 LED controller via TCP/UDP

I’m looking for some help regarding how to control STICK-DE3 LED controller ([]). This device can be controlled via TCP/UDP commands. I have verified this sending various network packets to the device from my PC using using a software utility called “packetSender” . Can anyone recommend how to get this working with via HA. I’m very new to the HA and trying to come up the learning curve. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I’m bumping this 4-year old topic. I have a home with 11 Nicolaudie Stick-KE2 DMX controllers. As Op said, I can send UDP and TCP packets to these sticks via PacketSender. I am desperate to learn if anyone has code or experience or knowledge using Home Assistant to “simply” (I know…) send, for now, UDP packets to my sticks. FYI, these sticks control 256 RGBW ceiling lights in every room of my house. I am not a wealthy millionaire, am a crazy electrical engineer loaded with vision for my 2,600 square feet home. People love my lighting scheme and wish they did something similar for their homes. Even my wife loves the lighting. My sticks have presets like: all kitchen, kitchen island only, dining table only, cooking area only. I have presets for the other rooms in my house. It didn’t cost me a lot of money to install these 256 RGBW 24 VDC lights - maybe a week of electrician time. Each floor have ample 24 VDC power supplies. All the lights are hoked up with standard ethernet cables with DMX 120 ohm terminating resistors at end of string of lamps. Nicolaudie makes a remote control for IOS and Android, so my wife and I can play with all kind of presets from our cell phones. It’s all done with the packets. We want to tell Alexa to turn on “dining table” preset or turn it off or set the illumination level - or set color temperatures, or display various patterns. So, please, anybody out there in Home Assistant world know how to code this up or refer me to some Home Assistant code? Thanks to all.

You can use node-red to generate stick hex command for tcp control. In node red you can make button show in homeassistant to trigger the scene. I have the DE3 not a KE2 protocol is a little different what I remember reading about KE2 it should also work but you need to use udp not tcp.

Thanks, TOM992. I now have one DE3 and will program it with Easy Stand Alone Pro 2 and see how well it integrates with all of my KE2s. I need to get started with Node-Red, not like I don’t have a to-do list that’s so long I won’t live to finish it. But the Node-Red — I have to start ASAP. Is there anything you have that I can look at, if possible? Right now, I only have Node-Red installed on HA - can open a terminal to it, but that’s about all. I have Leviton 10-button switches throughout house. They are just contacts. I plan to scan them with HA and use HA / Node-Red to issue UDP to Sticks. Anyway, thanks much for your reply. There is hope to get this done.