AUTOMATION: To turn off device if it was turned on outside home assistant

Hi all,
What is a proper way to set this up?

To give a bit of context:
I have this Tuya switch, which for some reason turns on completely on its own every morning at 6am. Have no idea why. I installed it 3 days ago and yesterday it did that at 6:00:08 AM and today at 6:00:05 AM. So it is unlikely a coincidence. It does it only at 6am, despite there are no automations set in Tuya, SmartLife, nor HA.

I’m sure I’ll be able to sort it out, either by factory-reset, or by replacing the device. However, what I’m interested in is to have some kind of fail-safe automation for the future and to figure out automation that will:


Any device got activated from outside HA. Meaning, it has not been activated by HA user or automation.

Turn off this device

Have any of you have something like this running?

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