Automation to turn on smart TV to a specific show?

Looking to create an automation that would turn on my Samsung Q70 smart TV at a specified time to a specific show on either Disney+ or Netflix.

Can this be done? I’ve seen people turn on their TV and launch an app but I’d like to do go further and have a specific show play on either app.

Ideally would want to do via Node Red as I’m not very YAML savvy.

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I dont know if you can control any streaming app like netflix, disney, hulu.

I recently setup a Plex server on my computer and now as part of my nighttime routine, I turn on my bedroom tv, open the plex app, and have it choose a random Seinfeld episode.

Heres the entire nightmode routine as it relates to the master bedroom.

Is my side of the bed empty (pressure strip)?
Is my wifes side empty (pressure strip)?
If yes to both, then turn on tv and some lights
Wait 5 sec
Set source to Plex
Wait 8 sec
Check if Im home
If I am, play Seinfeld random
If I’m not, play Frasier random

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I think it depends on the tv manufacturer, and the commands supported.

Found this, looks like samsung supports only basic commands.

From that list, I think it would be pretty hard, and not practical.

I do some basic control of my Sony, Sony has a much more extensive command list over ethernet. I can launch apps, but not sure if I could start a specific program, even with Sony’s commands.