Automation to write attribute to an input_number

Each end of the month I write a value to input_number.electriciteit_verbruik_januari, input_number.electriciteit_verbruik_februari etc
Is it possible to attach an attribute “date” ( like “1 januari”) to it ? So I can make a chart out of it ?

this is what I have now…

service: input_number.set_value
  entity_id: >-
  value: "{{ states(\"sensor.import_stroom_maand\") | float }}"

i don’t believe you can add on your arbitrary values. that said, the system does track the dates of change… not good for 1/month writes…

i must admit, it’s a little strange to use an input_number to do that. if you want to track that so that you can do processing and such on it, you might consider writing it out to a csv or json file using: File - Home Assistant