Automation: Trigger based on attribute battery_low:true

Good evening everyone!
Running HAOS 10.0 in a VM and everything is running swimmingly.
I have the Abode integration and it works great. I have set up push notifications to my phone when certain things happen such as door locked, opened, and system armed/disarmed. Now the reason i did this is because on the abode app everything comes up as “An event has happened” no real context whatsoever. Alot of other system status updates still dont get pushed to HA such as when the system is on battery power or when the battery is low on the sensors. After poking around it looks like some of the devices do have the attribute battery_low:false. (see snip below)

I have been trying to get an alert based on this attribute to no avail after rummaging around the forums and the HAOS gui. The closest I got was an automation like so:
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which i THOUGHT would send an alert if the keypad re-connected and the automation saw the condition of battery_low was false but it failed
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and here is some other possibly pertinent info from traces
(post #4)
If anyone has some insight into this issue it would be greatly appreciated. Also not sure if it makes a difference but i do have the HA cloud configured and im logged into that.
Thanks in advance!


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Attributes, unlike states, can be types other than strings. Your attribute is a genuine boolean false, not the string "false". Try removing the quotes in your condition.

Alternatively, you can remove the condition and trigger off the attribute going to false directly.

  - platform:state
    entity_id: binary_sensor.front_door_keypad
    attribute: battery_low
    to: false

An example from one of my entities:


Thank you for the reply and sorry about that. I have changed the yaml for the alert to:

alias: Notify:Keypad Battery Low
description: ""
  - platform: state
    entity_id: binary_sensor.front_door_keypad
    attribute: battery_low
    to: false
  - service: notify.mobile_app_
      message: Please Charge Abode Keypad
      title: Abode Keypad Battery Low
mode: single

I guess now i have to play the waiting game unless i physically drain the keypad.
Thank you for your help!
If this works i can imagine i can do this with all the door sensors connected to Abode. But going forward I will add any additional sensors to HA directly since it also has a z-wave dongle

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god i feel like a noob. sorry.