Automation trigger error: Service does not match format <domain>.<name>


First: I´m very new to HA, and have close to no experience in programming. But I like to think I´m slowly improving. Anyways, please keep any answers as simple as possible.

That said, I have run into a problem I just cannot find a solution to even after extensive googling. I have a HUE light that I want to turn on at a specified time. I am trying to copy the setup as described here.

The problem arisese when I try to enter the automation trigger. I am not using the configurator, but the Automation editor. I keep getting the following error message, shown in red text at the top of the Automation editor screen: Message malformed: Service does not match format . for dictionary value @ data[‘action’][0][‘service’]. Pretty cryptic, if I may say so. Here is a screenshot of the trigger I have entered:

So my question is quite simply: how do I write this in order for the trigger to work?

I am using the latest version of HA as of 7 October 2019, and have installed HA ( following the instructions in the Home Assistant getting startet page.

The UI automation editor doesn’t support templates, so you’ll need to hand-edit automations.yaml for what you’re trying to do.

Ah, that was a bit disappointing to hear. Maybe the editor will improve in future versions of HA. I guess I have to take a look at the automations.yaml file then.

Thanks for the swift reply.

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