Automation trigger help

I have a pool heat pump at home that I am trying to enable/disable based on some solar power and battery storage statistics that are exposed to HA.

Currently I have the following (negative values indicate feed-in):

a) Turn pool heat pump on when < -750W to the grid for 5 minutes
b) Turn pool heat pump off when > -2000W of power to the battery storage for 5 minutes. This will also trigger if the battery is actually starting to power the house because the solar isn’t generating enough power for the entire home
c) If battery storage is > 99%, disable the (b) automation
d) If battery storage is < 100%, enable the (b) automation

I originally thought I could just put a condition in the (b) automation to check if the battery status is < 100%, but what I’m confused about is the scenario where the battery starts dropping from 100% and the current battery draw is already > -2000W… does that mean the trigger wont envoke because it effectively needs to cross the trigger numeric state set before any condition is evaluated?

If anyone has any suggestions, that would be fantastic.

The usual approach is to have two triggers and two conditions (both battery energy and power). That way, the conditions will get evaluated both when the power changes and when the battery level changes.