Automation Trigger Wireless Device Connect/Disconnect Fritzbox

Hello guys,

It´s my first post here but I hope I am able to tell you my problem.
I want to use a wifi connection from any device and use it as a trigger to light up a specific lamp. Therefore I use the Fritzbox Tools addin to track which devices are connected with the Wifi.
The problem I run into, which states does the devicetracker.* offer?
I see on my dashboard that the " device_tracker.s20femarecel " is " Away " or " Home "

But the automation those not trigger what ever I try to put in there as a state (At the picture above " Away " to " Home ")

When I leave the from and to entry empty it works. It doesn’t matter which state the device has.
My conclusion, the entry Home and Away aren’t right.

Thx for the help

Try ‘away’ and ‘home’. It’s case sensitive

Doesn’t work

In YAML it looks like

home and not_home are the states of a device_tracker entity.

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You are right, I tried so many things

It finally works :slight_smile:

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