Automation triggering even when 'off'

Hi all,

I have two automations that are triggering even though they are turned off (via the front end). Under the state viewer around the time it triggers I see this:

(Entity, State, Attributes):
automation.aircon_cool_when_t_over_28, off, last_triggered: null

In the log book I see this when it triggers:

1:42 pm Loungeroom Airconditioner turned on
1:42 pm Airconditioner Cool turned on
1:42 pm Aircon cool when T over 28 has been triggered

When I click on the the link in the log book for the automation it shows it hasn’t been triggered, however clicking the air conditioner switch entry shows it has been turned on.

The only thing I can think of is that the group of all automations which includes this automation is on:

(Entity_id, state):
group.all_automations, on

Any ideas? It’s driving me crazy to be honest!

Thanks all!

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So… a bit embarrassing, I actually had two versions of home assistant running at the same time due to a docker configuration issue. So no problem after all!