Automation UI not working

I’m fairly new to HA, and have created a few automations OK via YAML, but wanted to give the UI a go, but not having any luck.

What I have found so far is that it will write to the automations.yaml file, and there is a corresponding automation: !include automations.yaml in my configuration.yaml. However the UI never shows any automations I have added, nor does it execute them (best I can tell). I have tried emptying out automations.yaml and adding in a new simple rule, and still have the same issue.

I’m running in docker, and have done a pull just now to the latest stable (v0.104.3, Frontend version: 20200108.2 - latest). I have tried in both the latest Firefox and Chrome.

Does anyone have any pointers? I have tried looking in the forums and not found anything, but I think I’m searching for the wrong search terms or something.

There may also be something in the logs, but not sure what to search for (I have tried things like the name of the rules, the id of the rules as written to the automations.yaml and for the any mention of automations.yaml).


Aggg! Figured it out, I had another automation: line in my configuration.yaml. It was trying to warn me with the following:

WARNING:homeassistant.util.yaml.loader:YAML file /config/configuration.yaml contains duplicate key "automation". Check lines 13 and 47.

But I didn’t pay it much attention. I’m not sure the way you would do that, but for now, I have just moved the entry from configuration.yaml to automation.yaml.

Glad you figured it out. Since you mentioned wanting a gui for automations, before you go far down the HA yaml/gui road I figured I should mention nodered. Lots of ppl prefer nodered for automations, and it does make some very complex automations easy to do (where as some of the things you can do in nodered are impossible to do with ha/yaml). Most folks who use nodered do all of their automations in nodered for simplicity.


I’ll check it out, I have also just started looking at AppDaemon, which from the docs looks good as generally I prefer actual programming, and I’m OK with Python. Cheers.