Automation using 2 climate desidred tempearture

Hi, in my configuration I have 3 climate entities, one is my heat pump for heating, cooling and water heating (climate.pdc_zone1, i use ariston-remotethermo-home-assistant-v2 ), one is for the A/C (only internal split) in the living room (climate.condizionatore_soggiorno Homekit Contoller) and one for the A/C (only internal split) in the bedrooms (climate.condizionatore_camere Homekit Controller).
The 2 A/C are hydronics and use heat pump to cooling but electronically they are separate (HA is the only common point).
I have to create an automation that sets the desired temperature of the PDC based on the desired temperature of the A/C (checking which A/C is on and which has the lowest desired temperature), but template condition not work (expampe {{ state_attr ('climate.pdc_zone1','temperature') |float }} > {{ state_attr ('climate.condizionatore_soggiorno','temperature') |float }} )


Remove the }} {{ from the middle of the template so you are actually making a mathematical comparison… otherwise you are essentially just printing an equation.

{{ state_attr('climate.pdc_zone1','temperature') | float > 
state_attr('climate.condizionatore_soggiorno','temperature') |float }}

Many thanks now it’s ok.