Automation using several Smoke sensors

I have 11 smoke sensors in my house.
Now I want to build an automation that triggers when any one of those detects smoke.

So far I have done this by building a group and using that as trigger. The disadvantage is, that I don’t get any information, which of the detectors triggered it - so I wanna change that.

One idea is to add the detectors as seperate triggers to the automation - then I should be able to access the variables on the trigger and find out which entity triggered it.
Maybe I could also use the new custom variables on triggers to directly get a real message out of it.

Or could that even be done with blueprints (a trigger blueprint?).

I would be interested in your thoughts what would make sense and be an elegant way to acheive this.
Thanks in advance.

Trigger on the group and include this in your message:

  message: "Triggered by: {{ expand('group.all_smoke_sensors')|selectattr('state','eq','on')|map(attribute='name')|join(', ') }}"

Wow, that is a neat and simple solution.

Thank you very much!

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