Automation when Envisalink alarm is tripped

I am wanting to set up an automation to where if the Envisalink alarm is tripped it will notify me using the ifttt maker channel set to call me. I have the IFFTT and maker parts set up. I can not figure out how to get the automation to trigger when the alarm panel is triggered. Is there a state change that I can watch for to accomplish this?

I don’t know the exact state off the top of my head, but you can watch the states dev tool (or the info in your UI if you’ve added the alarm to it) to see the state when you trip it. I capture the events for “armed away” like this:

    - alias: Alarm Armed Away
        - platform: state
          entity_id: sensor.home_alarm_keypad
          state: 'Arm Away'
        - service: notify.scott_notifier
            message: "Alarm Armed Away"
            title: "Alarm"
              priority: 0
        - service: lock.lock
          entity_id: group.all_locks

Thats what I figured. I need to find a time to test this as I also need to see what the texts I am supposed to get look like.

Yeah. Sorry - I tried looking at the source, but couldn’t figure out what it should be. My guess is “Triggered”.

Remember that the entity_id I used may be different for you (it depends on how you named the partition), so check your states dev tool for the correct entity.