Automation with Button Input to heat Water once

Hello together,

I need your help again ;(

We have now installed a heat pump and to optimize the hot water behavior, we have now found that a temperature in the hot water tank of 43 ° C is sufficient to shower.

Unless my wife wants to use the bathtub, then the hot water must be heated to 50°C.

To make it as easy as possible for her, I would like to integrate a button in the HA dashboard that makes all the clicks in the menu unnecessary.

My idea:

  • Input Button Dashboard
    ( input_boolean.take_bath )
  • When the button is pressed:
    – Set the target temperature for the WW storage tank to 50°C.
    ( number.panasonic_heat_pump_main_dhw_target_temp )
    – Change mode from “Heat only” to “Heat + DHW”.
    ( select.panasonic_heat_pump_main_operating_mode_state )
  • When the target temperature of 50°C has been reached, undo the changes.
    ( sensor.panasonic_heat_pump_main_dhw_temp )

Has anyone possibly done something similar and could share their solution so I have an idea how to start?
Haven’t done anything with the automations yet unfortunately ;(