Automation with device tracker - triggers randomly

I am long user of HASS just had my vera have all my devices and scenes, now that i want to get rid of vera altogether, I started updating my configuration by moving slowly to z-wave stick. I paired my garage door and door locks first and it all works fine. Next i wrote automation to open garage door when i arrive home with trigger as my iOS device tracker. It triggers and opens the garage door when i arrive (except one time it did not, dont know why even though my iOS device notification said “Entering Home zone”) . But the issue is it randomly opened the garage even when I am inside home, it happen twice one time late in the night and noticed it next morning, and another time an hour later I am home the garage door opened again. I was able to tell only from the trigger time that it had triggered.

I wonder why this is. when i am home my cellphone is usually in the charging desk and stays pretty much there until i leave, also not a big home to have it triggered again (I had set 200 ft radius on the home zone)

We can’t help unless you share the automation. Please also format it as code using three backticks (```) above and below the code.

This often occurs when a GPS-based tracker experiences significant location errors. Often times these errors exceed the defined zone causing a device tracker state change triggering the automation.

Yep. Likely the device tracker state is changing to not_home and then back to home or something like that.

here is the automation code:

In that case can i add another device tracker for redundancy so if both devices are in range then only open. my another device would be my tesla which i already have it setup in HASS and have device tracker info.

do you know how would i add the second device in to the AND trigger?

Don’t post images, they are large and we can’t test them.
You are trying out a new home automation system and you try you locks first.? - You are a FAR braver man than I.
Generally if you suffer problems like this create a binary sensor from your prescence detection and use the delay off option, this will stop it going ‘off’ until you have been away for the set period. Start with 2 minutes and see if it needs adjusting.

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I kind of knew image is bad idea but unfortunately i am at work and i RDP’s the home computer to get the config text and my copy paste from that linux box to mac seem not work, so i had not option other than image, may be next time i will type in myself.

The reason i started with locks becaz those two are my main devices that need to work for sure otherwise my move would not be possible. I am glad the locks worked.

I have very little knowledge writing those configs (I get googles help mostly). In fact the help i got is to setup a binary sensor by other examples but that does not work for me and not sure what i am doing wrong, so I switched to use the device tracker directly in the automation. May be i will give another try and post the code here and someone can help.


Yes, a second tracker can serve as a check against the GPS tracker. I use a combination of the iOS Companion App, a second tracker (iCloud3), an iBeacon for a zone trigger, and an input_boolean (home/not_home) as a third check.

Getting those garage doors to magically open as your vehicle approaches is a big challenge. It took me quite awhile to get my garage door automation working reliably.