Automation with IR/RF Switches


I’m trying to do some automatons with IR switches (specifically broadlink rm pro/rm mini),
For IR, there are no true states, the state changes in HASS when you press it through the panel.
Automating works only if first you set the initial state, but its unreliable at best.

For RF light switches I believe it is possible to handle states better, as I saw that when the physical light switch is manually clicked, it sends an RF signal to the RM Pro, maybe I’ll get around to coding that additional feature.

I’m trying to do this with events instead of states, so whenever service is fired to turn something on for example, I want to turn something else on as well.

I thought about using service_executed event from here:

however, service_call_id is needed and I can’t find where to get it, I checked the log files, the history… no service id… I also searched the forums here to no avail, documentation does not mention where to get the service ID from…
can anyone help me with this?


Took me a while but I noticed the only place to get the service_call ID is to call the service and copy it from the the realtime server log.

Got around to trying to do it and noticed that every single time the service_call_id is different… don’t understand how I’m supposed to use it as an event when it changes every time you call the event…

any ideas??