Automation with KNX Wall Switch and Hue Lights


I used four automations to turn on/off and dimm hi/low hue lights with knx wall switches. Is mostly working but:

  • The on automation asks for a Brightness_PCT value, why? One of the nice things about the hue lights is that they remember their last state. I used the toggle function as a workaround, but somehow is not optimal

  • After months of struggle to find a way for dimming hue lights with long presses in my knx wall switches, an automation worked using the newish HA 0.106 functionality of light stepping but a long press can increase/decrease the brightness only by 10%. That means that in order to go from 50 to 100 % brightness, I need to long press, release and repeat five times. Is there something that I can do to correct this? I mean, it would be nice to have a continuos dimming while the button is pressed. Maybe is related to the fact that I am using a knx_event as trigger?

Thanks for your help!

Ok, I solved my problems and now everything is working. I can dimm hue lights with knx wall switches like this one. Thanks to KennethLavrsen for the detailed examples, they can be found here.

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