Automation with threshold based trigger

I am using Tado integration to control radiator valves.
I have setup a threshold sensor to detect when the valve is calling for more than 75% of heat.
And then I have an automation that triggers when the threshold goes from below to above for 00:10:00. and switches on the main boiler.
But also have a condition of the valve temp being below a certain value (this is to prevent the boiler switching on and off too frequently).

But I think this method may be flawed because the threshold may cross from above to below while the temp is still above the value of the condition, meaning it’s not met.

Would the automation just wait and take actions when the condition becomes satisfied?
Or will the action not ever execute because the main trigger (threshold crossing) was detected while conditions were not met?

Welcome Josef,

I’ve been reading a lot of similar issues regarding heating.
Now, I don’t own any tado products or have my water boiler automated, but you might want to take a look at the Generic Thermostat Integration.
In a nutshell that allows you to use it as a climate device, set a target temperature as well as tolerances and minimum cycle durations.

No. If the trigger occurs and the conditions aren’t met then the automation won’t do anything until at least the trigger occurs again. At which time it will check the conditions again.

yes that’s how it works.