Automations > Action Type > Call service > Service has the wrong names for Amazon echo devices

Home Assistant is displaying the wrong device name when searching the Call Service feature in automations, making it difficult to link the Call Service to the correct device. This behavior is specific to the Amazon echo devices that are enabled in Home Assistant through the Cloud based Nabu Casa integration. I’m wondering how to go about “refreshing” whatever database/file/cache that is responsible for displaying the list of Call service devices in hopes of picking up the correct device names. Does anyone know how to fix this?

For example:
the Service shows:

Notifications: Send a notification via alexa_media_bryan_s_4th_echo_dot

but the Devices do not have a device named bryan_s_4th_echo_dot - it’s been renamed to Office

So i would expect to see an entry reading:

Notifications: Send a notification via alexa_media_Office

but i do not.

Technical details:
Home Assistant 2022.3.8
Home Assistant OS 7.5
running on Raspberry Pie 4

After updating to Home Assistant 2022.4.4 this problem continues.

did you find any solution? i see the same problem.

Same issue 2023.2 latest version
I will wait until I am sure the database update is complete then I will file a bug in github

Please see work around that I came up with here

Have logged a job in github for fixing