Automations and Device_tracking stops working

I am running Hassio on a Pi 3b for quite a while now (curently 0.87.1 release). What I noticed is that some parts just stop working. For example my Automations (triggers) and device_tracking (with Unifi) don’t work anymore and I can’t get them to work anymore. Configuration have not changed, only a reboot now and then and upgrades to newer versions of hassio. I also noticed that if I reflash the SD card (on which hassio is running on the Pi) it works for a while again. I don’t want to flash again because I have quite some configuration in there. Any ideas?

as far as the automations go you might need to check in the dev-states page that they are turned on . there was a breaking change that set them all to off unless you had an initial state set to on.

as far as the device tracker, is there any errors in the log?

I have rewritten all the automations (without the UI) and that seems to work now.

Regarding the device_tracking, removed the SSID_filter part of the unifi integration and now it seems to work fine. I believe something is broken there.