Automations and Scenes

I’m having trouble figuring out the following issue.
I want to disable some sensors whenever selected scenes are activated.
Example - a light strip that is part of my “movie” scene is turned off by another automation when front door closes.
What is the best way to do this?

Hello Zev, welcome to the forums.

Sensors can’t be „toggled“, so please describe what do you want to achieve specifically.

Pedolsky - Thank you!
Can automations be dissabled during specific scenes?
Or is there a better way to solve the usecase I described in the example?

Your automation needs to be enhanced so that it won’t execute its action if the movie scene is currently active. That’s easily done using a condition in the automation.

The challenging part is determining if the movie scene is active. Scenes are stateless and only report the time when they were activated.

A workaround is to have the movie scene enable an input_boolean. The automation can check the input_boolean’s state. If it’s on it won’t execute its action. Simple as that. However, will you need to figure out what should automatically set the input_boolean back to off. I would need to know more about the movie scene to make suggestions.

Thank you for this help!
I will try using the input_boolean.

I thought of creating “standard” scenes for everyday use (morning, evening etc.). These scenes would switch the ‘input_boolean’ to off.
So once movie has ended, I would have to manually switch back to any of the “standard” scenes.

Do you think this is a good solution?