Automations are shown in Lovelace UI that do not exist

Hi *,

I see a lot of automations in the Lovelace UI, that do not exist in my yaml files and they pile up.

How can I get the UI list clean of those zombies?


I have a theorie what happens:
I have changed the automation ids several times. Any time those automations got triggered, a database entry was generated. HA then pulls the history of all automations from the db. Those with old ids are shown as those zombies.

Can anyone confirm this theorie?
Would I need to purge the old automation entries from the db?

If you click the info icon next to the zombie automations, there is an option to remove them. I’m not sure if there’s an easy way to get rid of all of them in one go.

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Ah! Didn’t look there. Thank you!