Automations Automatically Disabled on Startup


I have an issue where HA shut off all of my home assistant automatons after a restart despite showing they were enabled still from the automation screen. I was able to manually cycle them and run actions to check they were working.

Anyone seen this or have any idea?

I have the same / similar issue.

HA is installed as a docker container on my TrueNAS Scale. Whenever I reboot the entire (!) NAS and HA docker starts … all automations do not work unless I toggle their current state once (disable / enable via GUI).

When I reboot HA via its GUI all is fine. It just happens when the entire system (incl. TrueNAS) reboots or when I update the docker container to a newer version.

One solution I though of … to maybe run a script when HA starts to toggle (disable / enable) all automations once? How would that look like?