Automations based on Notifications?

I try to use my Lovelace UI as little as possible in the day-to-day, so I often don’t see Notifications like “Login Failed” alerts and integration warnings.

I’d like to push notifications to myself when certain notifications appear.

Maybe we could have a “something.notifications” entity with an attribute that contains the notification body?

You could write an automation that forwards persistent notifications to any other notifier service you use.

Something like this:

- alias: "Forward HA persistent notifications to xyz"
      platform: event
      event_type: call_service
        domain: persistent_notification
        service: create
        message: >
            Persistent HA notification:
            {{ }}

Thank you, I’ll try this!

Can’t seem to get this working. I see a matching event when I listen for them but the automation never fires. I’ll keep playing with it.

I guess my overall point is, why the heck don’t persistent_notifications get pushed to mobile apps by default?

Maybe because you don’t want to get randomly notified because of a spambot trying to access your HA instance while you’re in a meeting?

Funny enough, we’re talking about that specific notification here

I just want to catch alexa_media needs config notifications.

I don’t want to have persistent_notification on my mobile. If it would be implemented, it would need to be able to choose to which service you want to forward the notifications or disable it. There are also a lot of people who use other means to send notification to their mobiles like telegram.