Automations disappeared from GUI


Has anyone had all their automations disappear? I had about 40 automations, all working well for as long as i can remember, i login tonight to edit one, they are all gone

I updated to the latest release a few days back, suspect this has occurred at that time

“We couldn’t find any automations”

It looks like they are all still in automations.yaml, just missing from gui ? They were all created in the UI which i find odd that they are no longer showing

because it’s not clear from your text and picture…
Maybe a stupid question…?

Hi @C64

Good thing to check tho thanks, but unfortunately no filter

it looks like there is a breaking change that has affected me or a bug

I edited my automations.yaml and took like 90% out, rebooted and the 10% came back, so ill have to slowly add each one back into the yaml and reboot each time till i find what is going on
looking at my history on my devices i can see automations were running up until the upgrade to 2023.10.0

I can attribute the upgrade to the same time as my automaitons dissapearing

1 “faulty” automation make them all disappear :frowning: , so yes maybe there were some changes in the Update, that affected 1 or some of your automations

There should be errors in Settings → System → Logs that will tell you which automation is at fault.

If not, to speed things up you can copy half your automations back at a time. You now know which half of your automations contains the problem. So halve that half. and repeat. You can narrow it down to the problematic automation very quickly this way (binary search).