Automations don't run in parallel?

I think this is a bug. Is this by design?
If an automation is in a delay state and it gets triggered again, the automation delay is skipped and the automation continues with the new triggered automation getting swallowed.

Trigger this automation from the ui. Then before 1 minute is up trigger it again. I receive only message 2 “test2”.

Expected: I receive message 1 again “test” and then two more “test2” messages 1min and 1+…

Test automation:

- alias: "delaytest"
    - platform: [anything just triggering from hass ui]
    - service: notify.push
        message: Test
    - delay: '00:01:00'
    - service: notify.push
        message: Test2

I think this is the way it should work.
If you have, for example, a motion sensor, the automation gets triggered multiple times.
For every motion detection a new task in the background?

From your description it indeed seems like a bug. At least it should not skip the delay.

I would expect to receive 4 messages in total, and if it’s not how it works, I think it should:

Trigger #1
Receive message “Test”
Delay 1…
Trigger #2
Receive message “Test”
Delay 2…
Delay 1 complete: receive message “Test2”
Delay 2 complete: receive message “Test2”

Yup exactly how I think it should work too. Going to report the issue.