Automations editor weekdays

Does anyone knows how to template weekdays in editor? Id like Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

and another one Friday Saturday Sunday any ideas please?

What exactly do you mean with “template in editor”? If you need to check if it is a weekday, you can use the workday component:

nop that means Id have to exclude days in the main sensor so I should have 2 sensors cause you see I have 2 garden lights that one turns on 4 days and the other one 3 so there aint work days its all the week


You could use this as a starting point:

{% set value = now() %}
{{ as_timestamp(value) | timestamp_custom('%w') }}

You can test your results in the developer panel.

This %w will return a value 0-6 (0=Sunday). More info here:

There are multiple approaches to what you want to achieve, so if you post your partial solution, I can help to blend it in.