Automations get triggered but nothing happens

Hey there,
I don’t know where to post this so I’m trying here my luck, sorry if it’s the wrong section.

For example I got automations which turns on the light by motion detection. Sometimes I see the automation getting triggered, but the light stays off for some reason I can’t figure out. I’m using a hue motion sensor and hue bulbs.


alias: Badezimmer
description: ""
  path: homeassistant/motion_light.yaml
    motion_entity: binary_sensor.bad_hue_bm_motion
        - light.bad_hue_ww
    no_motion_wait: 300

Anyone else have this problem occasionally happen and got a solution for it? Maybe a piece of script which checks if the automation got executed correctly?

My wife’s smarthome acceptance is decreasing by standing or sitting in the dark :,) Help

Thanks in advance

Can you include the automation in your post?

Sorry wasn’t home yet, added the automation. As I said nothing complicated, simple things in this case…