Automations i. 2024.2.1

Hello everyone…
I have problems when creating automations, I am on version 2024.2.1 and when creating an automation, I am not able to save it, it appears in the Automations yalm, but it does not appear in Automations and Scenes, and of course, it does not work …
What am I doing wrong, what can I do?
Thanks in advance

Try reloading them under developer Tools → Yaml → Automations

Do you see an error, or do they appear after that ?

Hello Francisp, thank you for answering…what do you mean by reloading from the yaml…? They are there, but they don’t work and I don’t know how to make them appear in Automations and Scenes.

Sorry, I understood… it doesn’t appear after reloading there either, I had already tried it like this and restarting everything, but nothing.

This can be caused by having errors in your configuration.yaml and include files, so look at the logs to see if there are double settings or similar.

Sometimes a default_config: include a setting, so it is not necessary to include it explicitly later.
Including it multiple times can have the effect that both includes work, but the different code parts in HA only accept the one they find first and the search they use to find the setting seems not to be same in every code part, so sometimes it is one setting, sometimes it is another.

Wow, it’s a little big…is there an easy way to repair it without losing anything?

If it is a double setting, then it is just finding it and remove one of them.
Sometimes the connect of the one removed then need to be copied to the one staying, but removing the setting from the configuration.yaml file will not remove the file with the automations itself.