Automations not triggering after upgrade to 0.88.0


I just upgraded HA to v 0.88.0 and now none of my automations trigger. I can see the events that are supposed to trigger them (motion detected, for example), but they don’t run.

I checked the new event debugger and do not see automation_triggered in the list of Available Events. This is all I see:

Available Events
•	homeassistant_close (3 listeners)
•	* (2 listeners)
•	homeassistant_stop (18 listeners)
•	time_changed (26 listeners)
•	component_loaded (5 listeners)
•	platform_discovered (14 listeners)
•	user_removed (1 listeners)
•	state_changed (25 listeners)
•	service_registered (4 listeners)
•	service_removed (4 listeners)
•	themes_updated (4 listeners)
•	persistent_notifications_updated (2 listeners

I’m running HA in Docker on Ubuntu.

Help? Thanks!

Make sure you have initial_state set to true on all of your automations.

Fixed it! Thanks, walrus_parka.

you don’t have to do that. You only have to manually turn them on once. Unless you always want to be on.