Automations not triggering sometimes

About a few updates ago after they included the new if then in automations my automations are not triggering like they use to. it is hit or miss whether they work or not. I monitor my z-wave motions and they go safe as normal but the automation does not trigger. it worked flawlessly before the update. I even went back in and created new automations same result. I will walk by the light will not turn on then a few minutes later I walk by and they turn on. it is not something to do with my setup as everything was working before. I have tried all of the normal troubleshooting techniques. I have been reading on this forum too that others are having some issues with automations. I also noticed that time of day sensors do not work correctly anymore. I have to restart HA for it to correct but then after the day changes it will not properly update.

has anyone else experienced this?

I pretty much read all the new posts and have not seen any. Can you share some links?

Can you please share the config for one of these automations?

I have many ToD sensors. Both sun and time based. All are working.

No. Please check System → logs for errors with your system.