Automations only work after restart

I am very new to Home Assistant so I apologize if this is something dumb. I set up a couple automations to get more familiar with things. One to turn on my outside lights at sunset and another to turn everything in the house off at midnight. The automation that turns everything off at midnight works fine. However, if I add a new action or change anything (even the name of the automation) it will not allow me to execute it again until I restart the server. I have tried reloading automations through server controls but that doesn’t work either. The only way to get it to work after modifying it is to reboot the server.

Enable advanced mode in your profile.
Do a configuration check before restarting. It’s in Configuration / Server Controls.
Fix any errors in your automation before restarting.

Maybe I’m not understanding something. If I take a working automation and simply add a character to its name it no longer works unless I reboot. There are no errors in it and reloading automations from the server controls doesn’t help.