Automations: show time and date of next sheduled action


I noticed that the Setting/Automations tab shows a column for when an automation was “last run”. It would be helpful to add a column that also shows when the automation is scheduled to trigger “next”. For example, this is very useful if you have a sprinkler automation that is dependant on a time or time related action like “sunrise”. The idea is that you can see in one single screen, the automation name, a column when the automation was “last” run and one column when the automation is scheduled to run “next”.

Can this be added to the HA UI? It would seem logical to add this by default in the UIl there is enough space available for one more column.

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This seems like it should be a feature request (and don’t forget to vote for your own feature request).

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While “last run” is a known fact, “next run” is, at best, a guess… and only kind-of-feasible for a very limited number of time-related triggers. The vast majority of triggers are not strictly time-based, they are based on events that can occur at any time.

It does not seem logical to me to add a column that would be mostly blank or full of fake data.


This was added as a feature request.

If the automation does not dpend on a future “calculated” timestamp like “sunrise / sunset” it could simply be blank. Before HA I used an automation system that showed the two columns: “last run” and “next time it will run”, when it was dependant on an event like sunrise or some specific time plus an offset like 6:00AM plus 2 hours, then the “next” column would show the exact time the automtion would be triggered next. And the automations that were not dependant on a time would simply show a dash.