Automations stopped working since 0.85

Hi all,

Since 0.85 all my automations stopped working.

  • No backup since 09.01.19
  • Backend theme is not changed on HA start
  • No xiaomi button is working anymore
  • Automations where triggered on 09.01.19 last time:
  • etc.

When I trigger the automations manually, they work.
I also checked my config and it’s valid.

I’m not sure how I can track down the issue here.

Does anybody has an idea?

They are turned off. Turn them back on.


You are a lifesaver! Thank you!

Are you updating to 0.85 from 0.84 or an older version?

In 0.84 there was a breaking change to how an automation’s state is restored after a restart. Perhaps it is the same thing that is responsible for what you are experiencing.

According to this post, there are two possible solutions (choose one or both):


I updated from the 0.85 beta version. But during the beta everything worked fine, just after the update to the stable release, the automations stopped working.
I just re-enabled them and now everything works fine again, even after a restart.