Automations working intermittently

My automations, Node-RED and HA, all of a sudden stopped working as expected. They are working intermittently and I can’t figure out why this would happen. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If this is not the correct forum, please advise where it should be.


Hi there, I noticed also some sort of this behavior.

I have a telegram chatbot and when I am working in node-red (lately a lot) I see that when I have use the deploy button (deploy modified flows) then after a few times (don’t know how many) the chatbot is not responding anymore.
i also wonder if other automation do not fire (not tried yet actively)but I tend to think so because last night when I was doing changes in node red some lights did not turn on in the time frame after that.

The solution is to “restart” the add-on and then all is working again.

I will monitor the logging and behavior more intense next period.

Ok, having it again… no logging possible due to the fact it is overloaded with “client” login data of the browser session…

Restarting addon got it working again…

I think I am on to something… although not the cause but a symptom…

I had set node red to:
This made a save lightning fast and this worked for over months!

But since thus around a week/2 weeks I started noticing I had this issues automation were not firing anymore… no errors to see.

Now than I had to restart the add-on.


immediately restores automation without restarting the add-on…


OK, thanks for the suggestion. I tried that but today I seemed to notice that my Node-RED automations seem to be working during the day but not at night. My LIFX HA automations are working. But for some reason none of my automations utilizing sensors or switches don’t seem to be working as they were previously.

Is anyone else having this issue? The wife was enjoying the automations but now shes complaining given the frustration.

Thanks for any help.