So I have a strange issue hopefully someone can help me out with. I have an automation which turns on my LED lights in the morning at 6:40:15 AM each day and then will get turned off at 7:15:15 AM after I leave for work using MQTT. This works great for my kitchen LEDs but is not working for my living room. So I am in the process of troubleshooting my issue. I have monitored the topic and it appears to turn on the LEDs at 6:40:15 AM but at 6:41:24 the LEDs turn off. I am not sure why. Then they get another signal at 7:15:15 AM to turn off again. I am unsure why they are getting a signal at 6:41:24. Is there a way to determine what is causing the LED to turn off at 6:41:24 AM. I don’t know what automation is causing this or why this is happening. Any ideas?

The default logbook should mention when automations are being executed. Do you see automations in your logbook?

Alternatively you can setup the logger to debug and tail the home-assistant.log file:


Great. That is exactly what I needed. Thanks for the help.