Automatisation with HA + Hue + Zidoo

Hi People.

I’m trying to automate actions in my cinema room, between playing and stopping films (Zidoo player) and lighting my Hue.
And I would particularly like to use random scenes specific to the cinema room when the film stops playing.
I created several scenes for my cinema zone in the hue application.

My first part is OK :

alias: scene random
description: ""
  - platform: state
      - media_player.z2600
    to: idle
    from: playing
condition: []

The second, not :frowning:

  - service: hue.activate_scene
      device_id: b02618bbeaab5f951ba51613d149a9fb
    data: {}
mode: single

I don’t know how to integrate the fact that I want randomness but only on the scenes created for this piece.

Thks for help.

Little up, thks :slight_smile: