Non riesco a salvare le automazioni gli script e le scene, non capisco dove sbaglio o se manca qualche attivazione. Mi potete aiutare
Grazie in anticipo

Everyone in this forum speaks English, so you will have a better chance finding anyone to help you if you stick to English.

Other than that you should share more details with us. If you can’t save an automation in the first place then there is usually something missing or some entry is wrong or the syntax is wrong. Do you see any error message?

I’m sorry, actually I’m not really informed nor do I speak English. That’s why I hope not to be considered as an intruder. I’m trying to understand. Anyway looking around a bit then I solved and actually something was missing. Thank you for responding.

No worries - we’re here to help.

Nessun problema - siamo qua per aiutare.