Automotive Switch Panel

Has anyone tried to setup homeassistant for use in a car / truck / suv / rv?.. Im building a overland tacoma and currently looking at the garmin powerswitch product for controlling all my led lights like the light bars and pod lights and some auxiliary things like a compressor and a portable fridge… I was thinking with homeassistant… a esp8266 and some relays I really could do the same thing and alot more!.. The question is whats the best hardware to use with this since it would all be in a car… Just wanted to see what people think on here.

I’ve been looking at this idea for a camper van. Still looking for alternatives but one way (although super pricey) is to run the sPOD BantamX switch system as it has terminals for physical momentary switches. So you get a robust offroad relay switching system but then you can wire in an esp32 or a raspberry pi to those terminals to be able to trigger them via home assistant. One downside I see though is that home assistant won’t know if it’s on or off.

Other systems have an app but it’s over bluetooth. You could make a system with a raspberry pi and an array of servos to do the same thing not too hard. Have a momentary button to short a terminal.