Autoreplace entity names across dashboard?

I am sure I am not the only one - but from time to time I have changes in entity names and then have to manually go across dashboard and rename in multiple places - annoying to say the least. Same goes for automations.

Is there a solution? Some sort of “replace all”?

Do you mean a change of entity_id?

A change of an entity name will immediately show up on your dashboard, unless you have overridden the name in the dashboard cards.

If you change the entity id, no there is no solution other than manually changing it everywhere it is used.

This is why it is best to change the entity id to something sensible and relevant as soon as you add it to home assistant.

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Yep, entity_id… that’s a shame. Is there no option to replace all in YAML raw config editor? And is it the same issue for automations? Something like replace to sensor.yyy

I agree that naming needs to be done upfront, but I went through multiple iterations of what “looks good” as the number of devices grown. Not to mention going back n forth between Aqara HomeKit and ZHA :slight_smile:

Actually there is!

While in raw edit mode, click your cursor in the panel with all the config then ppress Ctrl + F and look at the bottom of the window.

For automations use the SAMBA addon. Then you can open your automations.yaml file in any text editor that supports find/replace. Or use the Studio Code addon.

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Maaaaaaan!!! That’s huge! Thanks a lot. I have studio code yes

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It is also available in any card yaml editor, but there you are restricted to just searching the particular card config.

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