Autostart Husbzb-1 with Virtual Box on Windows

I’ve spent the past few days looking for a solution to my problem. I have found some good tidbits of information but still nothing to make it happen. I have migrated Home Assistant from a Raspberry Pi to Virtual Box running in Windows . I figured out how to get VB to see the Husbzb connected to the physical machine but if I restart the VM (emulating a power loss after UPS rundown) I have to remove and reinsert the USB for VB to access it. VB starts automatically since it is set up as a Windows service. I tried disabling the Husbzb in Windows Device Manager (which shows under “other devices”), but either way (enabled or disabled) changes nothing.
I find it hard to believe that I am alone - maybe I just can’t grasp something obvious (as usual). The big problem with my current situation is that if I’m not home to remove and reinsert the Husbzb, my Zigbee and Zwave devices (some used by the alarm) are useless.
One “idea” I had was delay the “mounting”(?) of the USB until after the VB starts or to somehow reset it remotely (emulate removal/reinsertion), but I don’t know how or even if that’s possible.