"Autostart Using Upstart" not autostarting


As a HA (and Linux) newbie, I’m impressed with HA. Had a play with OpenHAB, and am finding HA simpler to get going. Now to my problem…

I’ve installed HA on a BananaPi running Raspian, so to get HA autostart upon boot I need to use this guide:

I used the linked script as it was, apart from replacing the “USER” with my “newuser”.
After immediately following the steps at the top of the script file (before rebooting), I can get the service to start with:
~ $ sudo service hass-daemon start

However after rebooting the service is not running. The same command appears to work (Starting service… & Service Started) but it does not start the service which I validated by the UI not being up, and also when stopping the service it reports “Service not running”. Once I re-issue the following commands I can again use the service start command manually:
~ $ sudo update-rc.d hass-daemon defaults
~ $ sudo service hass-daemon install

Am really hoping someone can help. tips / log file locations?

Thanks heaps…

UPDATE: I’ve created a Lubuntu build on the BananaPi as a test, but have the same behaviour - the service is not starting on reboot. I’m assuming others are successfully using the linked template? Could this be BananaPi related?

Had the same problem on a Banana Pi with Bananian.
The init script provided on the documentation don’t create a pid file, just update it at startup.
After reboot the init script looks for the pid file and if it doesn’t find it, it stops.
The “sudo service hass-daemon install” command creates the pid file in /var/run/, but the problem is this folder is not persistent after reboot.
I solved the problem by creating a pid file in the .homeassistant install directory and linking it in the init script. This way the file is persistent and the init script doesn’t fail after reboot. Not sure it’s a clean fix, but it works !