AUWCH. Full backup + restore, but lost my InfluxDB/Grafana data

Hi everyone.

I’m reorganising some things on my HomeAsstant.

I did following steps

  1. HomeAssistant A: running instance on ProxMox
  2. create backup A
  3. create new fresh instance B: HomeAssistant B on my ProxMox server
  4. Started B
  5. onboarding on B: started with restore of backup A
  6. (notice: at this point, after restore both A and B are running simultaniously, but with different IP)
  7. shutdown A
  8. configured same “proxmox-hardware” on B: forwarded same USB-device (for my zigbee stick) and same MAC-address for NIC
  9. after a while and some re-boots, re-authentication Tuya, etc…, everything seems to be up and running.

So far so good.

I noticed that I lost my historical data of Grafana/InfluxDB: AUWCH… !!!

A little bit in panic,

  • I shutdown instance B
  • started instance A again.

But than I got totally crazy: on the orignal instance A, the historic data of this instance seems also be lost!!!

I really don’t understand this.
Is the data of InfluxDB/Grafana stored “somewhere” on my proxmox and running both A and B simultaniously messed up my database? But this really would be weird: they are totally different ProxMox machines…

My influx configuration in configuration.yaml

  port: 8086
  username: xxx
  password: xxx
  max_retries: 3
  default_measurement: state  

So both A and B would be writing to the same influxdb

I created a backup at
2024-03-08 16:27
and restored that backup around
2024-03-08 17:09

taking a first glimp at the data:

made me decide that the backup did not contain historical data.

however, if I take a closer look:

So my backup does indeed contain older data, but it seems that last saved data in the backup are from
2024-03-06 10:01

Can it be that InfluxDB stores some data elsewhere (in memory, tempDB, …), and that this is NOT included in a backup?

That would explain this behaviour