Available services and Zwave commands


quick question, i update today to the 0.27 version i notice that the available services in my system got weird.

the homeassistant/restart service disapeared and all Zwave services got messed up.

I am running HASS in a Docker container in Synology NAS

any ideas?



My update ran fine, but when HA restarted it was unbelievably slow. Services and devices took forever to load and when I finally got the webUI up, half of my stuff was missing and showing up a few lines every few seconds.

I did as orderly a shutdown as I could, then rebooted my Pi. When everything came back up, it was like it never happened.

First time for this after an upgrade, BTW.

I noticed the z-wave services being off too. I wasn’t paying too much attention to them, but I noticed they fixed themselves eventually.

Never hurts to try turning it off and on again as @rpitera suggested :smiley:

I regularly notice the homeassistant/restart function missing but a refresh of the page restores it. I have also noticed that the homeassistant/restart link is still present when I don’t see it closer to the top, It is just closer to the bottom of the page. Just refresh the page.

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I have been noticing the restart command disappearing myself lately and was checking if there was in issue reported or if it was just me. Refreshing the page brings it back so I’m wondering if there is a caching issue.

I never experienced this before the 0.27.2 release; I do a lot of restarts so I would have noticed it before :sweat_smile:

I’m going to do a history and cookie clear and see if that helps the situation any. I’ll let you know what I find.

All my “Available Services” ie. the right hand side column of the developer tools have gone.

The recent changes I have made are upgrading to 0.31.1 of HA and adding a single z-wave product AEOTEC Z-stick Gen5 with a Fibaro systems Door/Window sensor (which seems to be working fine).

But now the right hand panel of available services seems to have gone (the whole div for the right column).

I have tried commenting out the z-wave items but not luck… also looked at the /api/services values and all the services are there.

I am not sure if this relates to the above but it was the closest match I found (so hope its ok here!). I may have simply managed to switch off this in the config… but can’t see how I managed to do this - any clues?



This is the “UI Tweak” that was mentioned in passing and should have been better documented.

Everything is there, you now choose from drop down lists in the Doman and Services blanks. You should notice the little drop down arrow on the right of each section as indicated below:

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Ah! thanks @rpitera I had seen the drop down but I think every time I checked it all the services had not quite populated after a restart, so didn’t see the full list of available services for a given domain… but there are all there now.


Not a fan of the new layout for the services panel. Makes it way more difficult to find what you’re looking for and discover what you’ve got installed.

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I’d like it better if it was optional or only on a mobile device.