Avatto TRV not found in Zigbee network

I recently bought two Zigbee TRVs to experiment with, one from Ketotek:

and one from Avatto:

The first one pairs immediately without any problems in HA, but the Avatto refuses to pair. I’ve somewhat expected it the other way around…

I use ZHA with a Sonoff UsB Stick for my Zigbee network.

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I cannot find the TRV10 in the lists of compatible hardware, only TRV06. Are you sure it is compatible? Database of Zigbee devices compatible with ZHA, Tasmota, Zigbee2MQTT, deCONZ, ZiGate and ioBroker

You might be right, i have not taken that serious enough.
Meanwhile i could add this and my other TRV as Zigbee device, but i can’t control anything, no entities showing up.
Do i need to add an MQTT like Zigbee2MQTT additionally to ZHA?

No you only need either, not both. Zigbee2MQTT has the option to add custom converters for unsupported devices, I think you can do the same with quirks on ZHA.


I see, so i need to migrate from ZHA to Zigbee2Mqtt to get my TRVs intp HA.
=> Migrate from ZHA to Z2M

Just got of pair of TRV10.

TRV10 is the exact same hardware as Sonoff TRZB. The adjustment wheel is white on the Sonoff instead of silver and the outer casing is beer-can shaped instead of angled. Apart from that they are identical. Both look very good in their own way.

They are very fast and quiet, probably thanks to being 4.5v (3 AA batteries) instead of the 3v on most other brands.

The TRV10 pairs just fine in ZHA but unlike the Sonoff it doesn’t expose any entities. I tried adding the device id (TZE200_rtrmfadk) to the Tuya TRV quirk I have for another model but none of the entities it made it expose worked so that was a dead end.

I don’t know enough about making my own quirk but I’m sure it’s possible based on the Sonoff. And I’m switching to Zigbee2MQTT, for other reasons, anyway so it doesn’t matter.

In Zigbee2MQTT it works just fine apart from the battery level. It’s there but not updated, maybe it will be, I haven’t had it connected for a day yet.

Zigbee Model TS0601, Zigbee Manufacturer _TZE200_rtrmfadk according to Z2M but googling for those gives slightly different models.

Thanks, i’m quite happy with the TRV10, it has the most advanced function expose from four valves i’ve tested. I think i’ll return the others and stay on that.

From the outer cover a lot of devices look extremely similar, if not equal. You need to open it to find out if they are really the same.

I have just got one - quite impressed with it. Two more on order.
I have the same pain as you - z2mqtt recognises it as a Tuya TS0601_thermostat_1 - which is not quite right (but close enough).
It would be great if it could be tagged in z2mqtt as a TRVZB alias … as it appears to be exactly the same.
Or, perhaps, someone could do a profile for it ?

Sonoff TRVZB only can be set to on or off position, it can not partially open valve to some percentage. Is this the same case with Avatto or does Avatto support partial valve opening?