Avior Contrive Integration

We wounder if there is any 1 that would like to make a intgration for Avior.
Avior is a multi smart device that has inputs, outouts, that can be programmed on anyways.


We can apply with demo units if needed.


It could be nice to get status for the unit into Home Assistant.

Addon info….
The avior supports mqtt and modbusTcp
We have integrated the unit with mqtt and modbus.

There is so many features iN The Avior so maybe it would be easy to create a «module»?

It can have sim card and is perfect to open garages or doors.

Hello Eddie,

Someone in my family is using an Avior device (as a door lock) for a gym they operate. Recently, they asked me for help extending their system to allow for specific functionality that lacks out of the box.

I was asked because I have experience with software development and I work in the IT field. While looking up online resources, I came across this thread. As a Home Assistant user, I’m very interested in developing this integration if this is still something you desire.

Though I do have access to an Avior device already, it would be very convenient to have one at my place of residence if you can supply it.

Let me know what you think.