AVM FRITZ!Box Tools - Connected WLAN Clients

Hello my favorite community!

Since I do not want to manually switch the alarm system to guest mode, I would like to query the connected WLAN devices from my guest network. If there are more than 0 devices connected, I can use automation to turn on guest mode.

I have looked at the code, but unfortunately I am not able to fully understand everything so that I can add the feature.

The query via TR-064 is relatively simple. You just have to query the result of this action.


  • WLANConfiguration1 (for 2.4GhZ WLAN)
  • WLANConfiguration2 (for 5.0GhZ WLAN)
  • WLANConfiguration3 (for Guest-WLAN)


  • GetTotalAssociations

This is how it would have to be called:

guest_clients = self.fritz_connection
                    .call_action("WLANConfiguration3", "GetTotalAssociations")

Can someone help me add the 3 sensors to the integration?

Regards :slight_smile: