AVM Fritz!box Tools - device_tracker

Hi, I am using HA together with Hubitat Elevation
In Hubitat I using the “Home Assistant Device Bridge” to import devices from HA.

Everything is working fine but I see lots of “presence” logging from the devices connected to the wifi of my Fritz!box using AVM Fritz!box Tools

For all my Wifi connected devices I see an update each 30 seconds. The update is coming from HA. If a wifi device is not connected I see no update.
I would assume there is only an update when the status is changing, developers at Hubitat tells me it is HA - Fritz!box Tools issue.
Does anyone have an idea about this. Is this normal behaviour?

This is what I see in my Hubitat logging about the update each 30 seconds, only for one device…

Unfortunately the attribute “last time reachable” is part of the state, so as long as the device is connected this attribute will change constantly and thereby force a state change.

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Ok, that’s what I thought, It is by design…

Does this not give performances issues in HA when lots of devices start to update each 30sec?

I will change my setup and work with a RESTful command to my Hubitat when a device is home or not_home

I don’t think that’s a big concern. We are usually talking about milliseconds.

I’m more concerned with the database size, that is why I had to exclude these entities from the recorder.

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